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Phoscrete is a MALP CONCRETE that tenaciously bonds to concrete (both chemically and mechanically), sets fast (even in cold weather), and is traffic ready one hour after initial set.

 Click Play to watch our movie and learn about Phoscrete (3½ minutes)


We are proud to announce an improved formulation, Phoscrete HC with MALP+ Technology. Fiber Reinforcement delivers improved flexural strengh, tensile strength, bond strength, and freeze/thaw resistance.

If you are looking for a fast-setting, easy to use concrete repair material that delivers outstanding performance on jobs small and large, please watch our short movie, check out our capabilities, then Contact Us to find out if Phoscrete is a good fit for your concrete repair project.

Phoscrete Bridge Expansion Joint Nosing RepairBridge Expansion Joint Nosings
Sunny Isles Florida 2012


Freezer Floors
Salem Oregon 2013

Bridge Expansion Joint Headers
Nisqually, Washington - 3 Year Reinspection 2014

Bridge Decks
I-90 Worchester Massachussetts 2014
Installed at 30° F

Airfield Pavements
Chicago O'Hare International Airport 2012
Loading Docks
Winter Haven Florida 2013
Seawalls and Dams
Folsom California USBR 2012

Parking deck beams and columns.JPG

Parking Decks, Beams and Columns
I-395 Overpass Miami Florida FDOT 2013

7c Imagine all you can do.jpg

Phoscrete SG Shotcrete/Gunite Bridge Installation
Saint Louis Missouri 2012
Phoscrete Two-Component Bag + Jug