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About Fascrete

Fascrete is an easy to use, fast-setting concrete repair material that bonds strong and lasts long. Simply mix our dry powder and liquid activator for about a minute, then place and finish. Your broken concrete is fixed – FAST! No smell, painless cleanup (with water), and it stops rust too.  Fascrete – welcome to the next generation of DIY concrete repair.  #fixitfast


Concrete Repair Material


Do you have a small area of broken concrete that needs fixing?

Are you bothered by a chip on a stair or windowsill? A broken corner on your sidewalk? Is your metal gate or signpost rusty and eroding the concrete support? How about that spall on your driveway or garage floor?

Damaged concrete is not only an eyesore but can be a safety hazard when left unrepaired.

Fix it fast yourself with our easy-to-use Fascrete Patch Kit. Comes with everything you need to mix, apply and get a nice finish.

Fascrete bonds strong to clean, dry concrete so not only are your DIY repairs fast and easy to complete, they will last.

Coverage for the Patch Kit is approximately eight cubic inches (2 inches x 2 inches x 2 inches).


Fascrete VO Pails are perfect for medium-sized vertical and overhead concrete repairs.

Mix Fascrete right in this 1.25 gallon pail. Empty the jar of Liquid Activator, then add in the bag of dry mix. Using a small electric drill and mixing paddle (sold separately), mix for about one minute, then hand-pack and trowel-finish.

Fascrete VO has a putty-like texture, perfect for sticking on vertical and overhead surfaces. It can be feather-finished to blend and bond seamlessly to fix your broken concrete steps, columns, overhangs, and walls. DIY Concrete repair is fast, easy, and it lasts.

Each Fascrete VO Pail covers approximately one board foot, 144 cubic inches (12" x 12" x 1").

Fastcrete - Best Concrete Repair Material
Fascrete - Best Concrete Repair Material


Fascrete HC Pails are the right choice for medium-sized surface repairs, and also when forming concrete. 

Mix Fascrete HC in the provided pail same as VO. But Fascrete HC is more flowable to fix a larger concrete spall like a broken sidewalk panel  or a larger pothole in your concrete driveway.

If rust is the reason for your concrete spalls, Fascrete stops rust on contact, and prevents further damage.

Fix your concrete surface  fast with Fascrete and drive on your patch in about an hour. Fascrete sets fast and bonds strong to clean, dry concrete even in sub-freezing temperatures.

All Fascrete products are safe and easy-to-use. When done, clean your tools with water and a rag.

Fascrete pails repair one board foot of concrete (12" x 12" x 1"). Mix, place, and finish multiple pails for larger repairs.

Fascrete Helix Mixer

If you only need to repair up to four pails of Fascrete HC or VO, Use this Small Helix Mixing Paddle for mixing. It takes a little bit longer to mix and the plastic will wear out after a few pails. But for some DIY projects, that's all your need.

Fascrete Plastic Helix Mixing Paddle
Fascrete Urethane Auger Mixer for pail mixing


If your DIY skills are more Handyman, then you need our Fascrete urethane auger to mix pails of Fascrete again and again (and again).

The auger mixes Fascrete fast. The urethane wont stick to Fascrete so your tool cleans up easy with a good spin in a bucket of water.

Fascrete small mixers are perfect for Fascrete VO and HC pails. Fascrete large mixers are used for large mixes of Fascrete in 5 gallon buckets.