Meet Our Leadership Team

Meet our dedicated team of professionals with years of experience in the concrete repair industry. Why is Phoscrete exceptional in its service? The answer is not far-fetched. We listen carefully to our customers to understand their problems. Then we recommend solutions. Phoscrete isn't always the best solution to every problem, and we are honest about that with our customers. When Phoscrete is a good fit for a project, we take care to  deliver products our customers can count on to work consistently each and every mix. Our quality control starts with our products, and it continues through every step of the process: We make sure materials are delivered by the required date. We schedule pre-installation support calls so the crew is prepared with the all the right tools and expectations to perform a successful repair. And for new customers and contractor job starts, our installation support team is on-site to teach best practices to get the job done right and on-time.


Jeano, Inventor of Phoscrete Concretes

Jean Tremblay

Jeano was co-founder of Stellar Materials, Phoscrete's parent company. He is the inventor and original patent-holder for Phoscrete's MALP technology. He designed the original formulas and best practice installation methods for all three Phoscrete flagship products HC (horizontal/Castable), VO (Vertical/Overhead Patch), and SG (Shotcrete/Gunite Spray)

Jeano had an amazing career and lived a colorful life. He loved Credence Clearwater Revival and Bloody Marys. Our cartoon mascot was designed based on his likeness (beard and pony tail included). Today, he soldiers on as a proud and still animated member of our team.

Brian Mintz, General Manger, Phoscrete Corporation

Brian Mintz
General Manager
561-420-0595 ext. 719

Brian began working for Phoscrete's parent company in 2003. He became SVP when Phoscrete spun off as a separate corporation in 2011. He became General Manger in 2017 when Jeano passed away.

Brian is a respected leader in the bridge and pavement preservation community. He is a voting member of ICRI Committee 320 – Materials and Methods, an industry member of NTPEP RSCP committee, and vice chair for industry of TSP2-Bridge southeast regional partnership. Brian is also chair of the TSP2 Innovative Technology Demonstrations (ITD) Working Group; whose mission is to open the path for innovative solutions to the preservation community.

Brian graduated from The University of Michigan with a Bachelor of General Studies degree, and now he is finally a General (Manager).

Brian enjoys time with his family, meditating, activities on the beach, attending concerts and festivals (Pearl Jam is his favorite), and sipping reposado tequila.

Kyle Bartfay, Sales Manager, Phoscrete Corporation

Kyle Bartfay
Vice President, Sales
561-420-0595 ext. 1117

Kyle joined Phoscrete in 2017. He previously worked with fast-paced, high volume sales companies.

Kyle manages our sales employees, manufacturer’s sales representatives, and distributors around the world

Kyle leads our State DOT Maintenance and Asset Management market outreach.

When not working at Phoscrete, or working out, you can find him with an IPA in hand. he enjoys going to jam-band concerts (especially Umphrey's McGee), rooting for the Dolphins, and spending quality time with his family.

Don Visel, Installation and Support Manager, Phoscrete Corporation

Don Visel
Installation Support Manager
561-420-0595 ext. 626

Don joined Phoscrete in 2013 and holds the all-time world record for mixing the most pails of Phoscrete.

Don's many years' experience in concrete and construction make him a perfect fit to support our customers on installations large and small. He is also involved in our product and installation Research, Development, and Implementation.

In his free time, Don loves spending time with his wife and his daughter, hunting and boating, the Detroit Lions, Coors Light, and Led Zeppelin.

Erica Gerhart, Operations Manager, Phoscrete Corporation

Erica Gerhart
Director of Operations
561-420-0595 ext. 1201

Erica began her career with Phoscrete in 2015, and helps our company grow in all aspects, managing Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and Logistics.

Erica graduated from The University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) with a psychology degree, and launched her career in advertising. She worked for several advertising and marketing agencies before finding her home with Phoscrete.

Erica loves hanging with family and friends - especially her children, Hudson and Hazel! She practices yoga, and enjoys wine and live music (she loves the Foo Fighters).

Jorge Giro
Operations Manager
561-420-0595 ext. 919

Jorge joined Phoscrete in 2021. He  previously worked for a large asphalt and aggregate company.

Jorge manages our office operations, including freight logistics, order fulfillment, and quality control.


What Is Phoscrete?

In winter, water-activated concretes don't work below freezing. . Luckily, our MALP concrete repair material does not require water! Phoscrete mixes with a liquid phosphate Activator (freezing point -20°F), and sets fast even in cold temperatures. Phoscrete also works great in hot weather. When Phoscrete is installed to clean, sound concrete, chemical bonding assures coherence, and mechanical bonding assures adherence to the concrete substrate.

Phoscrete’s Fast and Easy Concrete Repair
Phoscrete HC Demo Kit

Why Choose Phoscrete Concrete?

Phoscrete concrete forms a bond with concrete, be it horizontal, vertical, and overhead concrete. When you use Phoscrete cement binder on clean concrete, there is chemical and mechanical bonding. We provide you with non-shrink concrete that is easy to use, not easily brittle or cracked, with a rapid setting time. Our team of specialists in structural construction approves this cement as an excellent choice for all kinds of construction and repairs. It has high tensile, flexural, and early bond strength.

  • Our concrete is an all-seasons material for repair.
  • Its performance characteristics outweigh its contemporary characteristics
  • It stops rust in construction material and reduces the halo effect.
  • It is chloride resistant.
  • There are no cold joints involved, nor does it have shrinkage cracking.
  • No primers, SSD, or curing.

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