Fascrete HC Pail

Phoscrete HC MALP Concrete for Horizontal/Castable Concrete Repairs

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Fastcrete HC (Horizontal/Castable) MALP Concrete is perfect for DIY at home concrete repair projects.

Phoscrete is easy-to-use, fast-setting, and long-lasting.

  • Strong chemical and mechanical bond to concrete (and to itself)
  • Fiber-reinforced for durable structural concrete repairs
  • Sets fast even in sub-freezing temperatures

Phoscrete HC sets fast and bonds strong to concrete. Repairs are traffic ready in as little as 30 minutes.

Phoscrete with MALP+ technology™ stops rust on contact, and mitigates the “Halo Effect”.

Site preparation is faster and easy because you don’t need to sandblast, prime or cure. Phoscrete bonds strong to clean, sound, dry concrete (and to itself) with no cold joints or shrinkage cracking. Phoscrete can accept sealants (silicone, epoxy, urethane) as soon as 15 minutes after set.

Considering all the time you save waiting to open your repair to traffic, Phoscrete is often the lowest in-place-cost concrete repair solution. Order some Phoscrete HC today!

  • Large quantity discounts are available
  • We help with tax-exempt businesses
  • Quick shipping

Phoscrete HC is a great concrete repair product for both construction professionals and DIY’ers. It works great for potholes and spalls on concrete pavements, bridge decks (including expansion joints), airport pavements, dams, seawalls, stairwells, sidewalks, industrial floors (including freezer floors) and more.

Phoscrete HC Pails are commonly used for small patches and for the final pours on larger repairs when you don’t need to mix a full-sized kit. Phoscrete HC Pails work great for sidewalk repairs, anchoring, and to fill concrete core holes.

Phoscrete HC Kits work great for larger concrete repairs and patching, including expansion joint headers.

HC Technical Data Guide
HC Safety Data Sheet
Activator Safety Data Sheet
Installation Guide – Pail Products


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