Fascrete Mixing Paddle

Fascrete Urethane Auger Mixer for pail mixing of VO and HC.

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Fascrete Mixing Paddle can be used to mix all of our best concrete repair materials quickly and efficiently.

  • Available in large or small sizes
  • Reverse corkscrew design pushes the material down with ease
  • Mixes concrete repair materials quickly with no mess

Our Phoscrete Mixing Paddles make mixing your concrete repair materials a snap. Our innovative corkscrew design allows you to do more will less work. This DIY concrete repair tool works quickly so that none of your concrete mix dries while you are mixing. This urethane auger mixer works with all of Fascrete’s concrete patch repair materials and won’t stick to its surface. This concrete mixing aid fits easily in the palm of your hand and won’t cause chaffing after mixing a batch. Order your Fascrete Mixing Paddle and your at home concrete repair materials today!


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