Fascrete Patch Kit (4 pack)

Phoscrete MALP Concrete for small troweled Concrete Patches (4-Pack)

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Fascrete Patch Kit

Phoscrete MALP Concrete for small troweled Concrete Patches (4-Pack) is the best concrete bonding adhesive repair product for DIY at home repairs.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast-setting
  • Great for patching spalled concrete on stairs, lintels, driveways, and pavements

Phoscrete Patch Kit is a top-notch MALP concrete product that works in two-components. This concrete repair kit is long-lasting and will stop rust without the use of primers. This cold weather concrete repair product will convert iron oxide (commonly known as rust) to metal phosphate, which will stop corrosion. Highly-durable, Phoscrete Patch Kit holds up under lots of force and stress. This non-shrink concrete does not crack and is highly resistant to the normal freeze/thaw cycle you associate with concrete. Our concrete repair material is a cut above the rest. Order your Phoscrete Patch Kit today!

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Phoscrete Patch Kits are commonly used to patch spalled concrete on stairs, lintels, driveways and pavements.

Phoscrete Patch also works great to anchor bolts in concrete.

Phoscrete Patch Kits come in a pack of 4 tubs, each one covers approximately 8 cubic inches (e.g. 4″ x 2″ x 1″).


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