Phoscrete Aquaphalt 6.0



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Product Description

Aquaphalt 6.0 black, water-based asphalt patch is a versatile product that is used to permanently fix distressed asphalt. It contains small aggregates mixed with a heavy-duty binder, making it perfect for patching deep potholes, puddles, large cracks, and more.

Use for pothole repair, pavement repair, utility cuts, walkways, tennis courts, and driveway repair. Minimize roadway disruption with no need for special preparations.

One-Time Fix: Pre-mixed and permanent Aquaphalt is laid directly from its container—no need to mobilize large crews and equipment.

Eco-Friendly: binder reacts and hardens with only water, leaving no toxic solvents.

Use year-round and in all weather conditions — even during rain and winter.