Phoscrete Cooler

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Phoscrete Cooler

Phoscrete Cooler can be used to store and/or transport your concrete repair materials simply and easily.

  • Multi-purpose cooler
  • Keeps extra wet concrete from setting during transport
  • Easy-to-carry handles

Our Phoscrete Cooler is great for when you have extra concrete mixed than what you needed and you don’t want to waste it, especially if it’s a hot summer day. Simply place our concrete patch repair products inside the cooler, close the lid, and transport to your next job site. Barring the use of our Phoscrete Cooler as a cementitious concrete container, you can use this amazing cooler for hauling your bottled water and lunch around as well. With cup holders on top, you can even have a picnic around this cooler. Order your DIY concrete repair materials and this cooler today!

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