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Phoscrete SG

Phoscrete SG MALP Concrete for Dry Shotcrete / Gunite Concrete Repairs

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Phoscrete SG is a two-component MALP concrete with enhanced shooting characteristics, providing reduced setting times and rapid hardening. Shop our selection of concrete repair products today.

Phoscrete SG is commonly used to repair deteriorated concrete on bridge soffits, beams and columns.

Phoscrete SG works exceptionally well in tunnels damaged by corrosion.

1 Kit = 48 Bags + 1 Drum
Dry Mix Bags: 55 lb. (25 kg) in polyethylene‐lined bags
Liquid Activator Drums: 450 lb. (204 kg) in HDPE drums

SG Technical Data Guide
SG Safety Data Sheet
Activator Safety Data Sheet
SG Installation Guidelines


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