Phoscrete VO

Phoscrete VO MALP Concrete for hand packed Vertical/Overhead Concrete Patches

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Phoscrete VO

Phoscrete VO MALP Concrete for hand packed Vertical/Overhead Concrete Patches is the best concrete repair product.

Now available in kits – Full Kit = [2] 31 lb. Dry Mix Bags + [1] 10.3 lb. Jug of Liquid Activator. Coverage is 0.53 cf per kit.

Mini pallet is 12 kits (24 bags and 12 jugs) Coverage: 6.36 cf
Full pallet is 36 kits (72 bags and 36 jugs) Coverage: 19.08 cf

  • Bonds strongly to concrete
  • Quick-drying
  • Great for patching spalls on bridge beams, columns, and culvert repairs

Phoscrete VO is a top-notch MALP concrete product that will stop rust without shot-blasting or primers. Our affordable concrete repair solution works like a charm for all of your concrete repair needs, including airport runway repair, driveway repair, and expansion joints. Drying in as little as 30 minutes, this all-weather concrete repair works in sub-freezing environments, as well as in hotter weather. With no primers needed, your DIY concrete repair takes half the time of some other concrete repair solutions. Phoscrete VO does not shrink or crack and is highly durable. You’ll never choose another concrete repair material. Order your Phoscrete VO today!

  • Large quantity discounts are available
  • We help with tax-exempt businesses
  • Quick shipping and excellent customer service

Phoscrete VO is commonly used to patch spalled concrete on bridge beams and columns. Phoscrete VO also works great on culvert repairs.

1.1lb. (0.5 g)
HDPE Patch Kit Tub contains zip plastic Dry Mix bag
LDPE Liquid Activator jar plus plastic mixing stick

VO Technical Data Guide
VO Safety Data Sheet
Activator Safety Data Sheet
Phoscrete VO Pre-Installation Checklist
Phoscrete Quick Start Installation Guide – Pail Products
Phoscrete Quick Start Installation Guide – Bagged Products
Phoscrete Full Installation Guide


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