Phoscrete Concretes bond chemically and mechanically to horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete. The exothermic reaction between Phoscrete’s Dry Mix (magnesium + calcined aluminosilicates + graded aggregates + fibers) and the Liquid Phosphate Activator creates MALP Concrete with a magnesium-phosphate cement binder. When Phoscrete is installed to clean, sound concrete, chemical bonding assures coherence, and mechanical bonding assures adherence to the concrete substrate.
Both Cementitious and Polymeric Properties: This non shrink concrete is an easy-to-use, rapid-setting, concrete-grey colored cementitious material that is not brittle or prone to cracking. Phoscrete’s high early bond strength, flexural strength, and tensile strength make it an excellent choice for repairs more common to elastomeric materials (polymers), without the odor or mess.

Phoscrete Stops Rust and Mitigates the Halo Effect

Phoscrete All Season Repair Material

Phoscrete Freeze-Thaw and Chloride Resistant

Phoscrete No Cold Joints or Shrinkage Cracking

Phoscrete No MgO Outgassing

Phoscrete No Primers No SSD No Curing

Phoscrete Performance Characteristics

Phoscrete Rapid Return to Service