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Phoscrete in Cold Weather: A Quick Guide

Even when it’s freezing, Phoscrete F1-HC gets the job done fast!


1. Cold Weather Champ: For those who’ve worked with Phoscrete, you’re familiar with our Formula 1-HC. It works great in wintry weather and can handle temperatures as low as -10°F (-23°C). When other materials struggle in cold snaps, Phoscrete F1-HC gets the repair job done fast and stands the test of time.

2. Hot Weather Solution: We rolled out a mix named Formula 3 (HC and VO). This one’s tailored for warmer conditions, giving you a longer window to work before it sets.

3. Choosing the Right Phoscrete Formula:

  • Freezing days? Formula 1 is your go-to.
  • Hottest days? Pick Formula 3.
  • For temperatures between 45°F to 85°F, you can use either. But there are some pointers to consider.

Phoscrete F1 and F3 Temperature Usage Chart

4. Key Tips for Using Formula 3 in Cold:

  • It’s best not to use F3 when it’s below freezing, unless you’re heating your activator jugs and dry mix first
  • Mixing a large bag of F3 in chilly weather? An 8-gallon bucket will make the job easier. We offer one that’s perfect for the task.
  • Laying F3 in cold conditions? Using a pencil vibrator helps the material spread and settle better. We stock a few, including a handy battery-powered model.

5. Using Phoscrete in Hot Weather: If working with F1 on a particularly warm day, keep the activator cool. We have coolers available that can store multiple jugs. It’s important to chill the jugs for around 4 hours before starting your repairs and refresh the ice before heading out to your job site. For both F1 and F3, keep the mixes shaded from direct sunlight in elevated temperatures.

6. Bonus Points: Ask your Phoscrete rep about our points system. Purchasing Phoscrete earns you points, which can be redeemed for free tools.

7. Read our Installation Guides: Be sure to review and follow our Cold Temperature Concrete Repair Guidelines, especially when using Fast-Set Admix with Phoscrete Formula 1-HC.

Contact your Phoscrete Sales Engineer with questions about best practices for F1 and F3 installations in any weather. (contact form below)