Phoscrete Office Kyle and Jorge

Phoscrete is open for business at our new Oakland Park headquarters!



Phoscrete OPW Front

Phoscrete’s new headquarters in Oakland Park Florida. Full disclosure: the big logo is photoshopped while we await permission from the city to install our signage.



Phoscrete ShotPump and Yard

The fenced-in yard in the back is a perfect location for testing our ShotPump and Pan Mixer. Already we filled some spalls in our yard



Phoscrete Office Kyle and Jorge feeling at home

Kyle and Jorge feeling at home in our new headquarters

Our new facility is perfect for our expansion, with more offices, dedicated R&D space, and a yard for materials testing and training.

South Florida customers can pick up materials and rent equipment from our inventory. Please note that our production facilities continue to operate from Chicago.

Our team stands ready to help you solve your concrete repair problems with our easy-to-use fast-setting and long-lasting MPC concretes, penetrating sealers, rust anode primers, and expansion joint sealants. Contact us today and find out if Phoscrete products are a good fit for your preservation applications.