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​Phoscrete Packaging and Pricing Update

Effective January 1 2024


What’s New? 

  • All Phoscrete formulas are now packaged in 50 lb. kits (bags + jugs) and 22 lb. kits (bags + jugs). 

Small pails are discontinued, but small bag kits can be delivered in 5-gallon pails with lid on request. 

  • F1-HC and F3-HC formulas are palletized with 52 kits of large bags (50 lb.) and F3-VO will remain 48 kits per pallet. All Phoscrete formulas are palletized with 96 kits of small bags (22 lb.).
    Mini pallets are still available (16 large bags and 24 small bag kits per mini pallet plus mixing paddle). 
  • Pricing per large bag kit has been lowered to deliver nearly identical cost of coverage per pallet. 

How does this help me and my crew? 

  • Packaging size is consistent across all Phoscrete MPC Formulas. 
  • 50 lb. kits are easier to manage and mix in standard 5-gallon buckets. 
  • 22 lb. kits are now available for all formulas for smaller repairs and final bucket mixes, so you don’t waste a full bag. 

I still have Phoscrete on-hand. How can I tell the difference in materials? 

Beginning with our 2024 production, you will see new-design color-matched labels for dry mix bags and activator jugs so you can easily distinguish 2023 materials from 2024. Use by date is printed clearly on every bag, jug and box of jugs.  


Contact your Phoscrete Representative for complete product pricing, including quantity discounts.
Or contact Phoscrete direct by phone: 561-420-0595 or by email: info@phoscrete.com 


Same great Phoscrete formulas, same quality performance.