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The Crazy Strong Bond of Phoscrete MPC Concrete

As a bridge maintenance professional, you know that there are many different materials and methods for repairing bridges. But have you ever heard of Phoscrete MPC? It’s a new concrete material with an incredibly strong bond—so strong, in fact, that it’s almost like magic! Let’s take a look at why this new material is so compelling.

What Is MPC?

MPC (Magnesium-Phosphate-Cement) is a unique form of concrete developed by Phoscrete and others and researched and documented by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The magnesium phosphate cement binder forms a much stronger bond to concrete (and to itself) than traditional OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement concretes. This means that it can be used to repair bridges more quickly and efficiently because it creates both a chemical and mechanical bond between itself and the concrete substrate without the need for primers.


The Incredible Bond Strength and Speed of Phoscrete MPC

phoscrete mpcOne of the most impressive things about Phoscrete MPC is its incredible bond strength and speed of the set. Phoscrete Formula 1-HC bonded to concrete has been tested (ASTM C-882 slant shear bond strength) to withstand over 2,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) in just one hour and exceed 3,000 PSI in 28 days. That’s an incredible feat! This means that repairs done with this material are completed faster and will last much longer than ones done with traditional concrete, making it ideal for bridge maintenance teams who want to ensure their work stands the test of time.

Ease Of Use

Not only are Phoscrete MPC concretes incredibly strong, but they’re also surprisingly easy to use. The material comes in bags with a pre-measured activator, meaning you don’t need to worry about mixing ratios or curing times. Phoscrete MPC mix up in about one minute and harden quickly, so you don’t need to wait hours for your repairs to set up before moving on to other projects.

MPC Formulas

Phoscrete MPC Formula 1-HC is designed for very rapid setting horizontal concrete repairs and for winter use. Formula 3-HC is ready for traffic in about two hours and is designed for larger concrete pours and overlays. Formula 3-VO works great on vertical and overhead concrete patches, both hand-packed and spray-applied shotcrete.


Phoscrete MPCs are amazing new materials that are revolutionizing bridge repair and maintenance. It’s incredible bond strength makes it perfect for any job requiring long-term performance, while its ease of use makes it great for busy teams who don’t have time to waste on complicated mixes and long curing times. If you’re looking for a reliable way to repair concrete on bridges quickly and efficiently, then Phoscrete MPC might just be the perfect solution