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Phoscrete® concretes are fast-setting, easy to use, and they last. Phoscrete's MPC concrete stops rust on contact, protects against future corrosion, and prevents the "halo effect." If you are looking for a rapid set concrete repair material to solve your concrete repair problems, Phoscrete works fast even in sub-freezing temperatures and withstands abrasion, chloride penetration, freezing and thawing, and salt scaling. DOT approved in 25 US states, Phoscrete is the go-to material for bridge expansion joint header repairs, full and partial depth concrete pavement spalls, and vertical and overhead concrete repairs on beams and columns.

SALES and support TEAM

Kyle Bartfay
Vice President, Sales
(954) 651-7086 cell
Oakland Park FL

David Churchman
Sales Engineer
(951) 334-7154 cell
Deland FL

Adam Hales
Sales Engineer
(801) 698-0506 cell
Bountiful UT

Jorge Giro
Quality Control Manager
(305) 965-6908 cell
Oakland Park FL

Looking for an easy-to-use, fast-setting, long-lasting
concrete repair product that solves your toughest problems? 
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