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What Is Phoscrete?

What Is Phoscrete?

Short answer:

Phoscrete is a MALP concrete that bonds strong to repair damaged concrete and is traffic-ready in 30 minutes. Phoscrete stops rust without shot-blasting or primers. Phoscrete accepts joint and deck sealants one hour after placement. Wow, all these features plus a ten -year documented history of successful installations, too!

Phoscrete is easy-to-use, long-lasting, and contains no VOC’s and no respirable silica.

If you want to get a little more technical…

Phoscrete Concretes bond chemically and mechanically to horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete. The exothermic reaction between Phoscrete’s Dry Mix (magnesium + calcined aluminosilicates + graded aggregates + fibers) and the Liquid Phosphate Activator creates MALP Concrete with a magnesium-phosphate cement binder. When Phoscrete is installed to clean, sound concrete, chemical bonding assures coherence, and mechanical bonding assures adherence to the concrete substrate.

Both Cementitious and Polymeric Properties: Phoscrete is an easy-to-use, rapid-setting, concrete-grey colored cementitious material that is not brittle or prone to cracking. Phoscrete’s high early bond strength, flexural strength, and tensile strength make it an excellent choice for repairs more common to elastomeric materials (polymers), without the odor or mess.

Performance Characteristics

Rapid Return to Service

Phoscrete attains high early compressive strength, allowing the repaired surface to open to traffic in one hour. Phoscrete accepts joint sealants and pavement coatings after one hour, allowing repairs to be completed in one traffic closure.

Bonds Strong to Concrete

Phoscrete achieves high early and ultimate bond strength to clean, sound, cured concrete, and to Phoscrete itself wet or cured. Responding to occurring strains by tensile deformation plus flexural strength, Phoscrete does not shrink or crack. Our concrete repair materials are extremely durable in high-stress environments.

Stops Rust and Mitigates the Halo Effect

Phoscrete converts iron oxide (rust) to metal phosphate, stopping the corrosion reaction on reinforcing steel and inhibiting further corrosion. Sandblasting of rebar is not required, simply remove loose scale with a wire brush. Phoscrete cures slightly acidic and does not push the corrosion reaction out to surrounding rebar.

All Season Repair Material

Because the freezing point of the Liquid Activator is -20°F, Phoscrete can be installed in sub-freezing environments. Phoscrete works well and sets fast in temperatures ranging from -5°F to +85°F (hotter when activator and/or dry mix is cooled).

Freeze-Thaw and Chloride Resistant

Phoscrete repairs are highly resistant to freeze/thaw cycling, salt-scaling, and is resistant to spalling caused by drastic weather changes. Phoscrete exhibits low chloride ion penetration with negligible soluble chloride content.

No Primers No SSD No Curing • No MgO Outgassing

Phoscrete installs onto clean, dry concrete surfaces. No waiting to install primers or saturate the surface prior to installation. With no requirement for curing compounds, and the ability to install sealants immediately without sandblasting to the finished face, Phoscrete is often the lowest in-place cost concrete repair solution.