How Does a Trusted Premium Product Make Your Company’s Projects More Profitable Than Cheaper Materials?

Fix Concrete Fast with Phoscrete MPC

CLICK HERE to read the underlying assumptions of our cost comparison calculations. You can also input your specific variables such as hourly rate, material cost, lane closure cost, etc., and see the potential cost savings for your project when you repair concrete fast with Phoscrete.

Experience The Phoscrete Difference

  • Rapid Return to Service: Minimize traffic control costs with fast-setting Phoscrete, reduce operational disruptions, and complete projects faster.
  • Cost-Efficient Installation: Lower your total project costs despite higher material costs. Quick mixing, application, and easy cleanup improves work efficiency, reduces your labor costs and increases productivity on-site.
  • Extended Construction Season: Phoscrete sets quickly even in sub-freezing temperatures and performs well in extremely hot conditions, allowing you to avoid seasonal downtime.

What is Phoscrete MPC (and where can I use it)?

  • Properties: Phoscrete MPC (Magnesium Phosphate Cement) is a versatile and durable concrete repair material known for rapid setting, strong bonding, and long-lasting performance.
  • Applications: Ideal for a wide range of concrete repairs, including bridge decks and substructures, pavements, runways, culverts, parking decks, industrial floors, freezer floors, loading docks, and sidewalks. Phoscrete is exceptionally effective in Expansion Joint Systems, making it a preferred choice for many contractors.
  • Formula Options: Phoscrete works great for horizontal, castable, vertical, and overhead repairs. Suitable for bucket mixing, pumping, and shotcrete. DOT Approved in 25 US states.

See the Savings for Yourself

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