Enhance Concrete Durability with *NEW* Phoscrete Endure™

Phoscrete is pleased to add a new and innovative product to our sales portfolio: Phoscrete Endure™ powered by PoreShield™ is a long-term (10+ years) durability enhancer protecting concrete from premature damage caused by moisture, salt, deicing & freeze/thaw conditions.

Phoscrete Endure™ is a Soy Methyl-Ester Polystyrene (SME-PS) liquid sold under license from the Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA). When spray-applied to concrete, Endure is absorbed into the pores to block fluid penetration from the inside.

Phoscrete Endure is safe and easy to use. It fills pores & creates a flexible, continual self self-sealing, hydrophobic barrier that is both preventative & curative.

Independent tests performed on Phoscrete concrete repair materials treated with Endure demonstrated significant increase in freeze-thaw durability (ASTM C-666 Procedure A) and a significant decrease in material loss and visual rating for salt scaling (ASTM C-672).

When used as an admixture to Phoscrete HC, HF, VO, and SG, compressive, flexural, and bond strengths did not change with Endure. Because of all the benefits, Phoscrete encourages use of the high-performance, low-cost, non-hazardous in all installations, especially in environments exposed to freezing/thawing and chlorides.

Phoscrete Endure is available in five [5] gallon pails for use as an admixture for Phoscrete concretes. Using two scoops (provided), one pail covers a full pallet of Phoscrete HC. Additional scoop sizes are provided for other Phoscrete concrete products and packaging.

Phoscrete Endure is also sold in 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes for spray applications on concrete structures. Coverage is 130sf – 180sf per gallon, depending on permeability of the concrete.

5-Gallon Pail, enough for  48 doses of Phoscrete HC as an admixture.

55 gallon drum of Phoscrete Endure. Coverage 130-180 sf/gallon

275 gallon tote of Phoscrete Endure

For more information about Phoscrete concrete repair products and Phoscrete Endure as an admixture or a durability enhancer for your existing concrete structures, please contact your local Phoscrete Sales Representative or contact us here.