General Assumptions

The table below shows our general cost assumptions for labor, site preparation, and traffic control in a single shift.

 Variable Value Unit
 No of laborers 7
 Hourly rate for laborers $30 /hr.
 No of foremen 2
 Hourly rate for foremen $40 /hr.
 No of chiefs 1
 Hourly rate for chiefs $50 /hr.
 Total shift hours 10 hrs.
 Total labor cost $3400
 Traffic control time 2 hrs.
 Traffic control cost $3500
 Site prep rate 50 SF/hr.
 Average depth of repair 4 inches

Material Assumptions

The table below shows our material cost and coverage assumptions.

 Variable Phoscrete Competitor Unit
 Material cost per kit $91 $45 Kit
 Material coverage per kit 0.45 0.45 cf/kit
 Material cost $202 $100 /cf
 Time to mix each kit 1 5 Minute
 Kits simultaneously mixed 2 2
 Time to open traffic 1 3 Hour


Ready to Calculate Your COST Comparison?

Use the cost comparison calculator below to fill in your variables and calculate comparison costs for deck patching in a single shift, time to repair a fixed amount of square feet, and cost and time to install an expansion joint.



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