AIO packaging F3-VO and F3-HC Bag and Jug

Experience Phoscrete’s Improved Mixing Process: AIO Jugs and Color-Matched Bags

Phoscrete Labels for F3HC

Close up of new color-matched Phoscrete Labels for F1 and F3 formulas.


When we first began producing Phoscrete MPC concrete back in the 1990s, our customers knew it as the one-bag, one-jug concrete repair solution. Everything was pre-measured and easy to mix, place, and finish with consistent results.

Over the years, we continued to innovate, first adding Phoscrete Endure™ to the mix to enhance freeze/thaw durability and improve finishing. Most recently, we launched our new Formula 3 series that mixes with water (plus Endure) for extended working times and larger volume pours. But the three-component mixing process and the need to measure water and Endure proved to be a bottleneck in our installations.

That’s why we decided to return to our roots and deliver all Phoscrete MPC Formulas using All-In-One (AIO) Liquid Activator jugs that mix 1:1 with our Dry Mix bags.

Effective August 1, 2023, all our formulas are now produced in color-matched bags and jugs based on size and formula.


Always add all the liquid first into the bucket, followed by any admixtures. Then quickly add the dry material while mixing.


Click here to read our best practices document on labels and lot numbers. We encourage you to use up all your older Phoscrete materials quickly so you can begin training your crews with our new, easier-to-use AIO jugs and color-matched bags.

Please note that Phoscrete Formula 3 products now call for post-installation treatment with Phoscrete Endure™ as a curing compound. Simply spray or paint Endure on freshly placed Phoscrete 15 minutes following the initial set. Endure prevents moisture evaporation during the curing process for the best-hardened properties, including very low drying shrinkage.

Please contact us with any questions about best practices or to discuss your current concrete preservation projects. We can also provide new jugs for your existing dry mix bags if that will ease your transition to our new packaging.

We welcome your feedback on this change; we believe it is an improvement to the Phoscrete installation process.

AIO packaging F3-VO and F3-HC Bag and Jug

Phoscrete’s two component system makes it easy to mix with consistent results. Empty the jug into a pail, then quickly add in the dry mix with the mixer running.