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New Packaging for Phoscrete MPC Products in 2024

For All Phoscrete MPC Products

(F1-HC, F3-HC, and F3-VO)


Here is a sample of our new full background color label for Phoscrete F1-HC large bag kits. Always match dry mix, activator, and label color. Verify the Use By Date.

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Introduction to the New Packaging

Starting with our 2024 production runs, we’ve updated the packaging for our Phoscrete MPC Concretes (F1-HC, F3-HC, and F3-VO). Here’s what’s new:


Large Bag Kits

Now packaged in 50 lb. bags of dry mix and a 1-gallon jugs of liquid activator, with 52 kits per pallet.

Some of our large bag kits used to be 55 lbs. For consistency, all large bag kits are now 50 lbs. bags of dry mix and a 1-gallon jugs of liquid activator, with 52 kits per pallet.

We adjusted the pricing, keeping the cost per cubic foot the same. By adding 4 additional kits to the pallet, the coverage per pallet is also nearly identical.


Small Bag Kits

All MPC formulas are now offered in 22 lb. bags of dry mix and a ½-gallon jugs of liquid activator, with 96 kits per pallet. We added small bag kits for all MPC formulas because our customers often get to the end of a pour and don’t like to waste an entire large bag kit when they only need a small amount to finish the job.

These changes aim to streamline production and offer more flexibility for smaller repairs, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.


Enhanced Pallet Configuration

The large bag kit pallet now contains 4 additional kits, maintaining nearly identical total coverage compared to the previous 48-kit pallets.

To ensure cost-effectiveness, we’ve adjusted the pricing of the new packages, keeping the cost per cubic foot nearly the same.


Identifying 2024 Production

Look for the new, color-coded labels with full background on each package for easy identification. For more details, please refer to the document: Phoscrete Labels, Shelf Life and Disposal


Inventory Management

As we transition, please mix and use the 2023 inventory appropriately. Some orders in January 2024 may include our remaining 2023 kits, and we will inform you accordingly.


Updated Technical and Installation Data

Our website now reflects the latest packaging information. Older documentation is available upon request.

For any questions or concerns regarding the mixing and application of Phoscrete MPC concrete, please feel free to contact your dedicated Phoscrete Sales Engineer.


We greatly appreciate your continued partnership and are excited to support your projects in 2024.