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Little has changed since the ancient Romans began constructing with concrete in 600 BC. The Romans mixed volcanic ash, lime, and seawater. Modern Portland cement, invented in England in 1824, is made of limestone, clay, and water. When Portland cement is combined with hard aggregates, and other materials, that forms OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) Concrete – the common building block of our modern infrastructure.

When concrete cracks and spalls, conventional concrete does not bond to itself.  You need quality repair materials to patch broken concrete and extend the life of the structure. That is where Phoscrete, fast-setting MPC products excel. Magnesium-Phosphate-Cement MPC concretes are easy to use, bond strong, and last long!

NEW! Phoscrete delivers proven complementary products including PHOSCRETE ENDURE™ to protect structures from corrosion and other concrete diseases, and AQUAPHALT® fast and durable asphalt patch material.

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Bosch GBM9-16 Drill Mixer

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Phoscrete 150 Quart Cooler

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Water Measuring Pitcher

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Orange Thunder Trowel

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Asphalt Tamper

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Finishing Sponge

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phoscrete small mixer for concrete repair

Phoscrete Urethane Auger Mixing Paddles

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phoscrete small mixer for concrete repair

Phoscrete Small Plastic Helix Mixing Paddle

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Phoscrete Stinger

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Phoscrete Needler

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If you are looking to repair concrete for DIY projects, look to our brand Fascrete and quickly fix concrete sidewalks, driveways, stairs, signposts, balconies, window ledges, and more!

All Phoscrete (and Fascrete) concrete repair materials are fast, easy, and last! Phoscrete's MPC concrete formulas stops rust on contact and prevents future corrosion – the primary cause of concrete spalls. Phoscrete works tremendously both in hot weather and in sub-freezing temperatures.