Phoscrete Cold 2

Don’t Wait Until the Spring Thaw to Repair Concrete – Use Phoscrete F1-HC Now

Cold weather doesn’t have to mean a delay in repairing concrete. With Phoscrete Formula 1-HC, bridge installation supervisors can have the peace of mind that their repairs will be safe, secure and ready for traffic fast in even the coldest temperatures. Here’s why you should choose Phoscrete F1-HC for your winter repair needs.

Works in Sub-Freezing Temperatures
The freezing point of Phoscrete F1-HC activator is -20°F, so unlike water-based or polymer materials you can install it even in sub-freezing temperatures. Phoscrete Fast-Set Admix speeds the set time so you don’t have to wait hours to open your lanes back to traffic.

Superior Adhesion
Phoscrete F1-HC offers superior adhesion to concrete without primers, meaning it won’t delaminate. It is also naturally corrosion resistant, protecting your repairs from future spalling and the “halo effect.”

Resistant to Freeze/Thaw Damage and Deicing Salts
Because of our Phoscrete Endure concrete durability enhancer, no more worries about damage from freezing and thawing or chloride ion penetration that can accelerate corrosion and concrete spalling. This makes it perfect for any winter concrete repair projects where long-lasting performance is a must.

Easy To Mix, Place and Finish
Your maintenance forces will appreciate the fact that Phoscrete F1-HC mixes quickly in buckets (or mortar mixers) and can be placed and finished using standard concrete tools. Tools and boots clean up easily with water.

When cold weather comes around, don’t put off your concrete repair projects until spring – get them done now with help from Phoscrete F1-HC! This advanced technology offers superior adhesion plus enhanced resistance to freeze/thaw damage and corrosion protection against deicing salts. Plus, it’s easy to mix, place and finish using standard concrete tools – so you can get your roads and bridges safe and open to traffic faster than ever before! Contact Phoscrete and order yours today!


MassDOT Bridge Deck Spall Repair in Sub-Freezing Climate