Celebrating National Biobased Products Day with Phoscrete Endure

March 8 marks the first annual National Biobased Products Day. It’s a day to raise awareness about biobased products and the many benefits that come with using them. As an official USDA Biobased Product, Phoscrete Endure is proud to be part of this celebration. Let’s take a look at what makes Phoscrete Endure so special and why it should be used for your bridge preservation projects.

What Is Phoscrete Endure?

Phoscrete Endure is a concrete durability enhancer and penetrating sealer used as an admixture in Phoscrete MPC concretes and also as a stand-alone product for treatment of concrete structures and PCCP joints. It provides protection from water penetration, chloride ingress, freeze/thaw cycles, and other environmental threats that can damage concrete infrastructure over time. With its unique blend of plant-based polymers and amino acids, Phoscrete Endure offers superior performance to traditional admixtures while still being safe for people, animals, and the environment.

Why Use Biobased Products?

Biobased products are made from plants or renewable agricultural materials instead of petroleum-based resources like oil or natural gas. This not only helps reduce our reliance on fossil fuels but also reduces carbon emissions into the atmosphere—a win-win! Plus, biobased products like Phoscrete Endure have been proven to outperform their petroleum-based counterparts when it comes to strength and durability. That’s why bridge preservation engineers should be using biobased products like Phoscrete Endure whenever possible!
Conclusion: Today marks the inaugural National Biobased Products Day – an opportunity to raise awareness about the many benefits of using environmentally friendly biobased products like Phoscrete Endure in bridge preservation projects. We hope you join us in celebrating this momentous occasion by taking a closer look at how biobased products can help improve your bridge preservation engineering projects!

Endure is BABA Compliant, too!

In addition to being an official USDA Biobased Product, Phoscrete Endure also meets all requirements of the Build America Buy America (BABA) Act. This means that the product is manufactured in the United States with at least 51% domestic materials, which helps support American jobs and the economy.

Happy National Biobased Products Day!

For more information about Phoscrete Endure, check out our technical data guide: Phoscrete ENDURE TDG. Contact us to find out if Phoscrete is a good fit for your concrete preservation projects.