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Comparing Phoscrete’s MPC Formulas

ALL Phoscrete Magnesium-Phosphate Cement (MPC) Concrete Formulas have the following performance characteristics:


  • Easy to mix, place and finish
  • Fast-setting and long-lasting repairs
  • Strong bond to concrete and to itself


All Phoscrete formulas are packaged in kits (bags+jugs) with color-matched labels:


  • Large Bag Kits: 50lb. (22.5 kg) bags plus 1-gallon jugs
  • Small Bag Kits: 22lb. (10 kg) bags plus 1/2-gallon jugs


Please refer to this chart to learn more about the differences between Phoscrete MPC Formulas

* Working and Traffic-Ready times based on material and field temperatures of 70°F/21°C.
**Traffic-Ready based on minimum 3000 psi (20 MPa) compressive strength.
***Use Phoscrete Fast-Set or Slow-Set Admix to speed or slow the initial set.

Please contact your Phoscrete Sales Engineer, use the chat function on this page, or fill out the contact form below if you have any questions regarding choosing the best formula and installation method for your concrete repair application.


For additional information, up-to-date Phoscrete technical documentation is published here on our website.