Phoscrete fixes spalled concrete bridges, roads, runways, and culverts; damaged parking decks, industrial floors, freezer Floors, and loading docks; plus broken walls, stairs. sidewalks and driveways!
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Phoscrete MPC formulas set fast, bond strong, and last long.
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Phoscrete is a safe, fast-setting, long-lasting Magnesium Phosphate Cement (MPC) concrete repair material that’s DOT approved for use in 25 US states. Phoscrete can repair many different concrete structures, including:





Parking decks

Loading docks

Industrial floors

Freezer Floors

Sea Walls




Phoscrete is Different

Phoscrete Magnesium Phosphate Cement (MPC) concretes are an excellent alternative to conventional Portland cement-based concrete repair products. It bonds both chemically and mechanically to concrete, and to itself with no cold joints.

Non-shrinking, non-brittle, and not prone to cracking, Phoscrete MPC has high early compression, bond, flexural and tensile strength; an excellent choice for fast and long-lasting concrete repairs.

Phoscrete Stops Rust

Freshly mixed MPC concrete reacts with rusted rebar (iron oxide) to form a non-corroding metal phosphate.

Phoscrete mitigates the so-called “halo effect.” Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) concrete repair products cure with a higher pH than the surrounding concrete, pushing the corrosion reaction in the rebar to perimeter, Phoscrete cures slightly acidic, acting as an anode, and naturally stops corrosion on the rebar it encapsulates.

A Concrete for All Seasons

Certain Phoscrete concrete formulas set fast enough in subfreezing temperatures and set slow enough in hot temperatures to always get a good finish, so you can quickly return the concrete structure to service.

When nesting birds prevent crews from repairing bridge substructures in the spring and summer. Phoscrete works great even in the cold of winter, extending the season for concrete repair work without disturbing nature.

Tougher than Winter

Phoscrete repairs stand up to freezing and thawing, and to deicing salts that damage ordinary concrete.

Phoscrete Endure protects the pores in concrete from salt and ion transfer that cause rebar corrosion, alkali-silica damage, and calcium oxide formation. In other words, Phoscrete is durable, even in winter.

Easy Mix, Place, Finish, Clean Up

Mix Phoscrete in a bucket for about a minute, It slides out of the bucket leaving no mess.

Self-consolidating Phoscrete MPC trowel-finishes nice and easy.

Phoscrete is safe to use, with no odors or VOCs and all your tools clean up with water. Same for your boots and clothes.

No Shrinkage Cracks

In both lab and field testing, Phoscrete excels in both restrained and free shrinkage performance.

Phoscrete MPC concrete has high tensile strength and high-early bond strength so not only does Phoscrete hold strong to the adjacent concrete, it does not shrink or crack.

Crazy Strong Bond

High, Early Strength Phoscrete Mag-Phos concretes bond strong to clean, sound concrete without primer.
Phoscrete bonds even stronger to itself, wet or cured. So NO COLD JOINTS!

Phoscrete HC is great for full and partial depth horizontal structural concrete repairs. Phoscrete VO is excellent for vertical and overhead structural concrete repairs.

Our products & tools

Phoscrete products are an excellent choice for a wide variety of concrete repair projects, including:

Concrete Bridge Deck Spalls

Bridge Expansion joint nosings

Bridge Beams and Columns

Full and Partial Depth Pavements

Phoscrete is DOT approved for use by 25 US States and is the go-to concrete repair material of choice for DOT maintenance crews and construction contractors because it is fast and easy to install. Phoscrete bonds strong to the existing concrete and to itself with no cold joints. When crews fix concrete using Phoscrete, they repair more in a single shift, and they are able to return lanes to traffic faster than with any other repair products.

Phoscrete saves time and money, and keeps traffic flowing. Best of all, Phoscrete repairs last, so when you fix it once using Phoscrete, you fix it for good!


Below are some of our most popular products. Visit the products page to place an online order or visit the contact page to speak with one of our specialists to find out if Phoscrete is a good fit for your concrete repair projects.

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If you have questions about Phoscrete, how it works, or its many uses, you’re not alone! These are some of the questions that customers frequently ask. If you have a question that you do not see listed below, feel free to contact us and ask!

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