Phoscrete fixes spalled concrete bridges, roads, runways, and culverts; damaged parking decks, industrial floors, and loading docks; plus broken walls, stairs. sidewalks and driveways! | GET STARTED
Phoscrete is traffic (or sealant) ready in 30 minutes!* |  GET STARTED

*Per ASTM C109, Phoscrete achieves 4000 psi (27,5 MPa) compressive strength in 30 minutes at 73°F (23°C).

Phoscrete is an easy-to-use, fast-setting, long-lasting MALP Concrete that bonds strong to repair damaged concrete. Is Phoscrete a good fit for your concrete repair project? Watch this 3½ minute video and learn more about one of the best concrete repair products.

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Use the same Phoscrete formula for cold and hot weather concrete repairs. Unlike cementitious repair materials that specify a different formula for hot weather repairs, or elastomeric repair materials that are not typically recommended to be installed in hot temperatures, Phoscrete uses the same formula for all seasons, and the ultimate properties of the repair material remain consistent.

Phoscrete is approved for use in these states: