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Product Description

Phoscrete FORMULA 3-HC

Phoscrete Formula3-HC™ (F3-HC) is a two-part cementitious MPC (Magnesium-Phosphate-Cement) concrete composed of magnesium oxide, potassium phosphate, aluminosilicates, aggregates, reinforcing fibers (Dry Mix) that must be mixed with water, plus a liquid soy-methyl-ester polystyrene (PHOSCRETE ENDURE™) admixture that is a concrete durability enhancer.

Phoscrete Formula3-HC is rapid hardening, and gains strength suitable to vehicular traffic in two hours at moderate ambient temperatures. F3-HC forms both a chemical and a mechanical bond to cured concrete and to itself.


• Fast-track bridge deck overlay with a minimum thickness ½ inch (1.25 cm)
• Full depth and partial depth concrete repairs
• Horizontal surfaces: poured/castable applications
• Pavement repairs, parking structures, marine structures
• Airport runway and apron concrete repairs

Phoscrete F3-HC Safety Data Sheet
Phoscrete F3-HC Technical Data Guide