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Product Description

Phoscrete FORMULA 3-VO

Phoscrete Formula 3-VO™ (F3-VO) is a two-part cementitious MPC (Magnesium-Phosphate-Cement) concrete repair mortar composed of magnesium oxide, potassium phosphate, aluminosilicates, PVA powder, and aggregates (Dry Mix) that must be mixed with water, plus a VO Admixture composed of liquid soy-methyl-ester polystyrene (PHOSCRETE ENDURE™) plus MALP (monoaluminium liquid phosphate).

Phoscrete Formula 3-VO is rapid hardening, with high-early rapid strength gain. It mixes to a putty consistency, is easy to apply by hand or trowel, and can be feather-finished. Phoscrete F3-VO allows fast completion of concrete repairs.


• Vertical and overhead: above grade and below grade concrete structures
• New construction concrete’s defects, including pre-cast shapes
• Small spalls on concrete pavements and floors
• Bridge structural elements, such as beams, caps, piers, and columns
• Marine structures such as seawalls, navigation locks, guide walls, and discharge tunnels
• Sidewalks, stairs, sills, and culverts
• Building facades, parking garages and tilt-up walls

Phoscrete F3-VO Dry Mix Safety Data Sheet
Phoscrete F3-VO Activator Safety Data Sheet
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