2023 Points Promotion Program Get a FREE DRILL MIXER with 3 full pallets purchase of Phoscrete HC this winter. This offer applies only to end-users. If you purchased Phoscrete from a distributor, simply email us at with a copy of your purchase receipt and we will ship your FREE DRILL MIXER direct to you…

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In-Place Cost

SO, YOU WANT TO SAVE TIME, MONEY, AND REPAIR MORE? by Brian Mintz General Manager – Phoscrete Because state and local agency contracts are typically awarded to the lowest bidder, all too often, the choice for concrete repair material on a project is decided based on lowest cost per cubic foot. This seems quite logical…

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Best Practices for Hot Weather Phoscrete Concrete Repair

The days are getting shorter, but summertime is just beginning to bake our concrete pavements and structures. Working with Phoscrete in hot weather is easy when you follow this one rule: Chill Phoscrete Activator, and keep Phoscrete Dry Mix out of direct sunlight. Phoscrete sets fast even in 70°F (20°C) temperatures. Cooling activator down below…

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Phoscrete Products Ready with Prices Holding Steady

Following a year like no other, demand for construction materials is now booming. Availability of key materials is limited, and prices and freight costs are soaring! Rest assured that when you need concrete repair products that are easy, fast, and last, Phoscrete concrete products are available for immediate delivery. Effective July 1, we were notified…

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Enhance Concrete Durability with *NEW* Phoscrete Endure™

Phoscrete is pleased to add a new and innovative product to our sales portfolio: Phoscrete Endure™ powered by PoreShield™ is a long-term (10+ years) durability enhancer protecting concrete from premature damage caused by moisture, salt, deicing & freeze/thaw conditions. Phoscrete Endure™ is a Soy Methyl-Ester Polystyrene (SME-PS) liquid sold under license from the Indiana Soybean…

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DIY Concrete Repair Is Easy With Fascrete, A Phoscrete Product!

Repair and Fix Concrete - Best Products

In 2005, a series of beautiful, Atlantic oceanfront condos were erected in Deerfield Beach, Florida. By 2019, less than 20 years later, rust spots began to show themselves through the newly painted buildings, mostly on the ocean-facing side.    Next door, a building erected in 1985 began a $2 million repair last year. The restoration…

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Everything You Need to Know About Maintaining Concrete

Man Standing on Concrete Floor

One of the biggest reasons why decorative concrete is so popular is because of the fact that it is very low-maintenance and incredibly durable. While it is one of the most damage-proof materials you will find in construction, it still needs to be maintained in order to keep it clean and in good condition for…

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Common Concrete Issues

Repair Your Damaged Concrete

While there are many benefits to having concrete surfaces, they, like most materials, begin to show wear and tear over time. Outdoor concrete surfaces such as driveways, walkways, and patios are susceptible to damage from the elements of Mother Nature, but indoor surfaces will also eventually need maintenance and repair. With the right knowledge and…

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